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  17 Fourth Ave., Shalimar FL 32579


  Most Mon. nights (see Calendar)

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The audio clip is "Rosin the Beau," played with a pair of hammered dulcimers taking the lead and harmony and the lap dulcimer in the background doing soft chords.



The Pelican Pickers is a wonderful group for those who play the dulcimer or wish to learn more about the instrument. Individuals who play traditional instruments (e.g., guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, and autoharp) are also encouraged to join. What follows is a brief introduction of our current members:

  • Adrian, originally from England, plays music by ear. He inspires and leads on the banjo, mandolin, and penny whistle.

  • Cherie plays dulcimer and often brings delicious snacks for our 7:30 break. She also made the first Pelican Pickers Christmas ornament (2007). 

  • David brings his own style of vocal harmony and guitar with a touch of bluegrass. 

  • Dale, most often the lead for programs, keeps us updated on gig dates and play lists. He sings and plays many instruments but usually the guitar. He also solos or duets on the Native American flute.

  • Jim plays dulcimer, bowed psaltery, hammered dulcimer, and autoharp and sings. He also procures the Pelican Pickers shirts, designed our sound system and started the Web site, gives TableEdit tunes and otherwise supports our tablature book, and enjoys teaching new members.

  • Jorja plays dulcimer and autoharp and is quite proficient on the penny whistle. She also wrote the first Pelican Pickers words to "The Twelve Days of Christmas" (2007).

  • Les, as "music major," guides and assures that we perform a song or measure correctly. He plays dulcimer, bowed psaltery, and shuttle pipes.

  • Lisa plays dulcimer and serves as Webmaster. She was also the organizer of our first visiting-artist events.

  • Mary plays fiddle, penny whistle, and dulcimer and is learning guitar and mandolin. She also is treasurer, procures our two tablature books, and often gives good snacks.

  • Mike is a quiet leader, who inspires via special playing abilities on dulcimer and sharing ideas for individual development. He also has mastered TableEdit (see wwww.tableedit.com). His wife, Ella, plays hammered dulcimer.

  • Norie, originally from Japan, plays dulcimer and penny whistle and occasionally sings in her native language. She also helps keep our organization running smoothly.

  • Patty plays fiddle and is also tackling banjo and mandolin. 

  • Sally plays dulcimer and prompts many smiles with her joyful spirit and sweet snacks. 

  • Sheri plays mandolin and gives TableEdit tunes.

  • Terrie plays dulcimer and solos or duets on the Native American flute. 

  • Trish plays dulcimer, silver flute, and autoharp at gigs. We miss her at Monday practices as she is active at that time with an Irish dancing group.

  • Trudy, originally from Germany, plays dulcimer and occasionally sings in her native language.

  • Wes plays dulcimer and penny whistle and is learning guitar. He shares his wonderful vocal talents (sings harmony) and is our good prompter for learning different songs.

Latest Member News:

In January 2008, Mark moved to Pensacola. We have truly appreciated his singing, six-string acoustic guitar talent, and sweet granddaughter Rebecca. The hope is that when he periodically returns for a family visit, he'll coincide it with a Monday night or gig event and thereby bless us with a quick play together.  :-)

On 6 November 2007, Al (at left) passed away peacefully. Our lead mountain man singer and harmonica guy played his last gig on13 October at Playground Music. A 7 p.m. memorial service was held at the Shalimar Baptist Church fellowship hall on 12 November; our latest group photo was taken then and will always be precious because of Al.

The Pelican Pickers is a group of dulcimer players and musician friends who meet weekly to play, learn, and share.

We believe in the power of music and in the ability of the dulcimer to put music in the hands of everyone.